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Foley Falcon Basketball Association Scholarship

Foley Falcon Basketball Association

This scholarship, founded in the spring of 2008, is to any senior who has played Foley basketball through out their high school career and plan on pursuing any post-secondary education. Community donations to this scholorship are greatly appreciated.

4 - $400.00 Scholarships (Two senior boys and two girls. Can be player or manager)

Criteria: Recipients must have:
• Graduated in top half of graduating class.
• Participated in basketball at Foley High School from 9-12 grades.
• Exemplified “Falcon Pride” as a player on and off the court.
• Contributed to Foley youth basketball programs and/or FBA events.
• Plan on pursuing any post secondary education (4 year College, Junior College, Tech School, Business/Trade School)
• Complete application and essay question. click here for application

Congratulations to the Scholorship winners:
2017 - Tanner Brosh, Morgan Peschel, Riley Johnson, Brooke Helmin, Raely Walz
2016 - Andrew Klucas, Nicolas Corrigan, Megan Novak, Ashley Meyer
2015 - Bailyn Walz, Grant Wennerberg
2014 - Coleman Strosahl
2013 - Ashley Thell, Nathan Boeckman
2012 - Alexa Herbst, Sam Erenenman
2011 - Kelsey Katke, Nolan Wennerberg
2010 - Ashley Kershaw, Eric Oines
2009 - Brianna Herbst, Leonard Gabbert and Justin Wennerberg
2008 - Jenna Scapanski, Justin Niemann

This scholarship may be claimed:
Upon completion of your first grading period of post secondary, send a copy of your transcript to- President, Foely Falcon Basketball Association, PO 483, Foley, MN 56329. At that time a check for your scholarship amount will be mailed directly to you. You may choose your home or school address.

Satisfactory academic progress must be made in order to collect this scholarship.

This scholarship award will be granted to the recipient if s/he attends a post-secondary school during the school year following high school graduation. The scholarship award must be claimed by June 1st of the following year, after that time monies may or may not be available for payment. Please contact the FBA if there is a conflict with requesting this award payment by the date listed.

click here for printed copy of requirements